Project Overview:

Commissioned by New York Times bestselling children's author, Patrick Carman, we were asked to bring his latest book (Towervale) into Minecraft. Given multiple reference mages from the book, we worked closely with Carman to ensure that the world was a perfect recreation of his vision.

The Creation

The world itself was a full size recreation of his vision, scaling over 1500x1500 blocks in dimension. Including the most iconic locations from the book such as the Caves of Iron and the Stone Forest, signs were hidden around the map which players could discover for extra Towervale content! Accessible as a Minecraft Server, we helped setup a full server experience for players; with interactable signs.

The build took multiple weeks to complete, with a large group of builders assigned to the project. It was certainly worth the work, with many Towervale readers connecting to the server to check out the world for themself.