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Looking to use our work in your Setup?

That's awesome! We love to see our work be shared, as long as you follow our easy-to-follow guidelines.

Required Credits:

A sign must be added infront of the spawn location of the player, crediting "Odyssey Builds". This can be removed by whomever downloads the setup.

2. You must include a link to our Discord and Website clearly in your setup's resource page.

3. You must link the product(s) used on your setup's resource page, and make it clear that they are free to use.

Other Guidelines:

1. Product(s) must be used in their entirety. Only minor edits are allowed to be made.

2. You may only use our products in resources. They may not be redistributed in any other way. Resources reference a completed server setup. 

3. Once your resource is posted, you must post a link to it in our Discord, inside of the setup-showcase channel.

4. We have all rights to ask for you to remove our builds from your resource. This will only be done if they give our brand a negative look.

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