We're looking for Talented Staff

Thank you for your interest in joining the future of Odyssey! Currently, we're hiring Support Staff, Commission Managers and Builders to help operate and maintain Odyssey.


Friendly Team

We take pride in having an amazing staff team, filled with friendly and approachable members. We have designated people to contact if you have any questions, and provide incentives like a monthly free Pizza for top performing staff.


Good Experience

Working with us you’ll have the opportunity to work for many large clients, due to our well known brand and exstensive marketing. Our staff have had the chance to work with Authors, Universities and large content creators in the past.


Competitive Pay

We keep pay as high as we can afford to do so, to reward you for your work. We even have a built in tipping system on our Commission Bot to help increase payment opportunities for Builders and Commission Managers.


Lots of Work

Being one of the largest build teams, attached to the largest Server Build Shop, we get a lot of commission tickets. This gives a lot of work for Builders and Commission Managers. As well as this, Support staff will be paid extra during more busy times of the year.


Open Jobs


Want to bring clients visions to life, and have what it takes to create mesmerising structures?


80% of all completed Commissions, after a $10 fee. Please note, on commissions with multiple builders the 80% will be split between the builders involved.


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Commission Manager

Look over commissions, and finalize pricing. You'll be the face of Odyssey for any new clients.


7.5% of all completed commissions, as well as 1% of all completed assisted commissions.


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Support Staff

Help offer support to customers using our services via our Discord, primarily for Commissions and our Server Build Store.


$20 per month. This figure may go up on more busy months, and will significantly go up once support for Builderfolio and our Minecraft Marketplace work opens.


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