Palace HCF / UHC Spawn & Warzone

Palace HCF / UHC Spawn & Warzone

A Large Palace themed UHC / HCF Spawn, with a gothic Grey castle theme, inspired by structures in Budapest. The Spawn includes lots of vibrant red plants, and room for crates! There is also an indoor area for players to spawn in, which has full interior.


Outside of the spawn is a large Warzone (including roads), with biomes splattered around it. These 6 biomes include Nether, End, Sci-Fi, Desert, Mushroom and Winter themes, all surrounded by a generic Plains themed biome. Please note, the build reaches the MC height limit - and so it will need to be pasted in an area with a very low height level, or the top may be cut off.


3D VIEW: Sketchfab
ESTIMATED BUILD SIZE: 115 x 115 Spawn, 420 x 420 Warzone


FILE TYPE: .schematic